Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Kumpulan Website Virus, Worm dll

Langsung aja tanpa basa basi dan banyak cincong.

1. vxheavens.com : www.vxheaven.com (vx.netlux.org) Web yang terkenal memberika source virus yang free dan hati2 klo berkunjung kemari. Klo saya sih demen bgt deh.
www.vxheaven.com home page
www.vxheavens.com/vl.php virus collection
Features of vxheaven :
  • Free virus collection for download.
  • All viruses are categorized with their types such as Trojans, Spywares, Worms, Rootkits, Hoaxs, Hacktools, Backdoors, Exploits etc.
  • All viruses are devided with their OS(Operating System) support such as Microsoft Windows(XP, VIsta, 7), DOS, Apple Mac OS X, Linux(Ubuntu, Fedora etc), Java(J2ME, J2SE etc), HTML, BSD, Mobile OS(Symbian, WinCE, Windows Mobile, Android, Palm, iOS, iPhone, Blacberry etc.
  • Virus serving and protecting utilities.
  • Virus creating utilities and generator.
  • Virus news updates and blogs, articles, books etc.
  • Forum for discussion.
  • Virus sources and polymorphic engines.
  • Virus writing writing tutorials.
  • Detailed information about every virus.
2. www.Offensivecomputing.net is another virus serving and blogging site. This site is intented to provide discussion environment by blog and virus samples so that peoples can share informations about viruses. The viruses here are not uploaded by the owner of the site. All viruses are uploades by general peoples. 

virus details at offensivecomputing.net

Features of vxheavens :
  • Any one can upload virus here with simple uploader.
  • Registered users can search and download viruses in zip package.
  • Viruses are protected with the password "infected". So extract the virus executable(exe, msi, pif, bat etc) files from zip package using the password infected.
  • With free blog, users can share any information or request withe other peoples.
  • With automatic online antivirus scanner, users can see the alias name of a virus.
3. openrce.org : Openrce.org is a site of open source viruse. Here you can get various types of viruses, rootkits, hackingtools with their source code.

www.openre.org download page
4. exploit-db.com : Exploit-db.com is a site of hackers where hackers and computer vulnerability researchers share there exploit tools and make discusson on them. Here you can get exploits for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, ASP, PHP, BSD etc.

www.exploit-db.com home page
5. inj3ct0r.com : Inj3ct0r.com is the site of expert exploit hackers from where you can get many hacking exploits for windows, MAC OS X, Perl, PHP, Win32 etc.
www.inj3ct0r.com home page

Tolong jangan menyalahkan saya jika terjadi kerusakan pada PC anda karena disitu pusatnya virus dan mantabs deh


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