Kamis, 12 Oktober 2017

Made Your Debian 8.0 Such As Operating System for Hacking

Hey, I want to post about Operating System for Hacking. Generally you can use like as Linux Times, Backbox, DracOs, Parrot, etc. But in case, I want my debian OS such as kali linux even though this is standard.
You can refer into "https://tools.kali.org/tools-listing", to choose tool which one you want. Basically I need Nmap, Metasploit, DnsEnum, SQLMap, Hydra, Nikto, etc. In this, I want install Nmap, Nikto, SQLMap and Metasploit, so check this command:

The first:

# apt-get update
The second (SQLMap):
# sudo apt-get install git
# git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap.git sqlmap-dev
# cd /sqlmap-dev/
# chmod +x sqlmap.py
# python sqlmap.py -h

The third (Nmap):
# apt-get install nmap
# nmap -h

The fourth (Metasploit):
# wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rapid7/metasploit-omnibus/master/config/templates/metasploit-framework-wrappers/msfupdate.erb
# chmod +x msfinstall
# chmod +x msfupdate.erb
# ./msfupdate.erb
# /opt/metasploit-framework/bin/msfconsole 
The fifth (Nikto):
# apt-get install nikto
# nikto -update



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